Friday, 24 June 2011

No More Potter Books Confirms Rowling at Pottermore Unveiling.

J.K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter books, has confirmed that she will not be writing any more novels about the world of Harry Potter.

At the Pottermore press conference, where the mystery behind her new website was revealed, Rowling said:

“I have no plans to write another novel.  I’m pretty sure I’m done on the novel front. But it was fun while it lasted.” 

Instead, she revealed that Pottermore was a new project that is purely online focused.

Fans of the wizarding world will be able to interact with the novels in more depth. 

Rowling explained that she'd been hoarding extra information that would interest fans for years which has now been put onto the Pottermore website:

“I generated more material than ever appeared in the books. I thought, ‘Who would ever want to know the significance of all the difference wand woods?’ Now you can go and see. It's such a rich experience to do it this way.”

But the large build-up to the unveiling of the mysterious website has caused some frustration.  Some who were expecting a ground-breaking announcement have instead branded it ‘potterbore’.

The website is also a way for the multi-million pound author to have the sole rights over Harry Potter e-books, which the site will sell exclusively in multiple languages.  Rowling said:

“E-books are here and here to stay. Later than a lot of people, I for the first time downloaded e-books and it's miraculous for travel and for children in particular. I feel great about taking Harry into this new medium.”

People can register to Pottermore from 31st July, and the website will be fully launched in October.

You can see Rowling's announcement below.

What do you think? Disappointed that there will be no more books?  Will you be signing up to the website?

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