Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Review - Shameless U.S. Series 1 Episode 2 Frank the Plank

Episode two of Shameless US continues to follow the same storyline as its British counterpart. Frank Gallagher (William H Macy) goes missing… “yeah but he goes missing all the time” come the retorts, but today is disability allowance day, therefore his disappearance is actually taken seriously, he never misses it.

After a lot of worry Frank eventually turns up in Canada (it was France in the UK version).  The change in location is handled well.  Surprisingly the script is still almost a carbon copy of the UK Shameless, proving just how solid the writing of the original show actually is and its ability to transcend across cultures whilst retaining a solid impact.  One scene in particular demonstrates this between Frank and his youngest daughter Debbie (Emma Kenny).  Despite Frank’s alcoholism and inaptitude as a parent, he is the apple of Debbie's eye, and when she asks him if he took any pictures of Canada (Frank was in a police cell) he tells her he now knows “every inch”.  The scene is just as touching as the UK original.

As a whole the ensemble cast of Shameless US is really coming into its own. They are all finding their feet as individual characters whilst effectively proving to be a solid family who truly care for one another. 

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